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Welcome to White Fence

Today is my Dad's birthday and I have selected this day to electronically launch my new Stampin Up venture. Yes Paper Crafts venture. I lost my Dad a year ago and I miss him a lot. He was an entrepreneur, a very enthusiastic and a energetic man. He believed that if you can dream something you can achieve it, all it requires is determination, commitment and passion.

'White Fence' as the name suggests is all about my aspirations and dreams that I wish to fulfill. This website will showcase a variety of Paper Crafts created by my daughters and me.

I will regularly post on this website and yes there would also be regular tutorials posted for my friends wanting to learn Paper Crafting.

Happy reading & keep Stampin!


  1. Zaheer,

    You're off to a great start ;) I love the name and your background is beautiful! Can't wait to see future posts.

  2. Congrats on your new blog!!

  3. Welcome to the blog world. What a great way to remember your dad!

  4. Interesting blog, Looking forward for more update from you soon.

    White Fence


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