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Masculine Monday on a Sunday

You know how exciting is it when you try a new medium of communication and connect with your audience. Today I have created my first video tutorial and have uploaded it, would love if you guys would visit my You Tube Channel and leave a comment, like my Video and subscribe to my channel. Your encouragement will help me create more video tutorials.

This first video tutorial is for the Waterfall album, a sample video I had posted earlier. The video primarily shows you the basic construction of the album, leaving the embellishment to your likings. Depending on the occasion, the person you are giving it to, the album can be decorated.

Enjoy and do leave comments!

Happy Viewing

Kimono Card - Simple yet elegant

This is an out of turn post 'Masculine Monday' will return soon...

Here is a simple yet elegant card that can be used for any occasion.

The kimono is the traditional clothing of Japan. There are many different types of kimono worn by men, women, and children. The cut, color, fabric, and decorations of a kimono may vary according to the sex, age, and marital status of the wearer, the season of the year, and the occasion for which the kimono is worn.

The Kimono Card is a simple adaptation of this traditional outfit and can be decorated and customized for the required occasion, be it a Birthday card, Thank You Card or Miss You Card. By changing the paper, colour, it can be customized to any occasion.

Enjoy the Kimono Card