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2012 Planner - Well I am good at planning & so need a planner

Either to Plan to Fail or Fail to Plan I do neither of them. I do not Plan to fail as I plan to succeed and I never Fail to Plan.
Well its always assumed that creative people are spontaneous and they do not like to plan, well I beg to differ as I am a prt of the Corporate World Planning is a part of my daily routine, so how do the corporate & the creative world meet... well by creating a beautiful planner.

Yes guys I am well in time for my new year, I have made a Planner for myself thats absolutely GORGEOUS.

Its a nice compact size and looks ultra fab with the Tim Holtz Paper line. It has 6 pages, 1 page for every two months. ON eage page I have two months calendar, a Monthly Planner Tag with one month on each side to mark my appointments. A small four-sided insert that takes care of Bithdays & Anniversaries, Important Dates, Contact Number and a small space for some crucial notes.

As a loving son, dad & husband I love to travel with my family pictures, so there is one side…

Mini Album thats not so Mini

Well as the title suggests this Mini Album is really not a Mini. It can hold over 60 pictures can you beat that and it has only 4 pages. This Album is inspired by the Build a page concept by Kathy Orta.

She is an amazing crafter, fabulous tutor and a wonderful person. I have learnt this from her and she is a super Creative Women, full of life and energy.

This Mini Album is 5 x 7 inches and I made this for a swap. I have use basic Card Stock to create the pages and have used the Basic Grey Wander Collection to cover the pages and the cover. I did not embellish it much as I have to courier it to my partner.

Each page holds around 14 pictures and most (9 to be exact) of them are full size (4 x 6) and the other 5 are 3 x 3, now that's a lot of pictures for a Page, it is a clever construct hence the album does not look bulky yet can hold so many pictures.
 There a pocket on the Inside Front Cover & Inside Back cover giving you more space for Photos and also there is a tag which…

My first U Stream class on Nov 12th November 2011 - Photo Wallet & its FREE

Hi friends,

Its soon going to be Holiday season, and its that time of the year when we want to create gifts for people we love. I am giving this class FREE to all my friends.

I am offereing a Photo Wallet - U stream class on the 12th of November 2011

My Channel:

The schedule of the class is as follows:

12th Nov @ 12 noon MST

12th Nov @ 11.00 am PST

12th Nov @ 1.00 pm CST

12 Nov @ 2.00 pm EST

13 Nov @ 12.00 AM India

For those of you who wish to attend the class please leave a comment here with your email id so that I can send the material required for the class. Also post the class I will be sending all the viewers a written instruction on creating this beautiful Holiday project.

The Photo Wallet is a stepped up version of the earlier project.

People from other countries wanting to join this class please mention your country in the comment & I will send you the time details.
Looking to see you all in the class.